GPR Scanning EquipmentBelow are the services Metro Concrete Scanning provides:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) using high-frequency radar antennas for shallow, elevated slabs and slab on grade concrete structures.
  • 2-D and/or 3-D data collection and processing.
  • Live, high-voltage detection using electromagnetic sensors built into the radar antennas.
  • Location of exact drill points through wood or concrete using a drill spotter, a non-destructive tool. This makes pilot holes unnecessary.
  • Underground utility detection and signal induction using a RD-7100 cable and pipe locator
  • Sewer line locating
  • Ground Penetrating Radar EquipmentFormal reports documenting our findings including job-site photos and radar imagery.
  • Palm XT is a small Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) antenna attachment that allows users unprecedented access in tightly spaced areas and around obstructions and enables easy overhead scanning.
  • Next-day service is often available by calling or texting 240-882-3781 or emailing [email protected]

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